4 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight


There are various habits that are considered healthy by most people. Let me tell you that you need to run a few screen tests on the health factor of those habits once more. Many of you might be taking every right step towards good health but still ending up nowhere. That is the most frustrating phase I understand. But what’s rather annoying is assuming that the fault might be at your end or you might not be putting in enough effort.

All these mishaps to your wanna be healthy life are actually because of your metabolism and how it functions. Your metabolism might be under some stress due to any of the following reasons that we consider healthy:

1. Following diet plans

In general following a diet or meal plan is considered to be a very healthy and fit activity. But is it healthier than a normal food life? No it isn’t my friend. Diet plans affect you in more wrong ways than you can imagine. Firstly if you follow such a plan then you only listen to the plan’s requirements, not your body needs. Secondly, meal plans deny your body excessive amount of energy in the tank by restricting the body’s food consumption. They make you do what fits the plan not what suits you more.

2. 8 glasses of water a day

I would like to tell you about my disagreement with the possibility of a human drinking too much water. There is nothing such as too much water for the body unless your stomach starts to hurt. If you have to limit your water supplies to only 8 glasses, you’ll have to measure what you drink throughout the day and that again, is the wrong approach. You should listen to your body’s hydration needs and drink as much water as you can whenever you are thirsty. This is the right approach.

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3. Limiting salt intake

It is commonly thought that salt is bad for human health. I would like to disagree again. Eating foods with artificial flavor and harmful salts in them is obviously not healthy but that doesn’t allow you to blame the old school table salt that has been there for you since forever. Salt helps in nourishing metabolism by lowering stress hormones and increasing oxytoxins level.

4. Eating raw vegetables

Eating vegetable or unprocessed natural food items is considered to be one of the healthiest food choices among the masses. But let me warn you of the high levels of cellulose present in raw veggies that are very difficult to digest for the human body. Indigestible material can be very harmful for the gut so you shouldn’t follow this habit too often.

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