4 Rules of Liquid Meals

Carbohydrate-rich, moderate protein, low-fat powder or liquid for mixing with water or milk to provide an energy and nutrient-rich dietary supplement.

1. Estimate your calories

When people go for liquid meals, they usually put in all the fruits they have to increase the size of the meal, because when blended, it looks smaller than usual. This method will help you to consume more. Most of the times, people eat meals that are worth the calories of two meals in a single sitting. In order to change this, think of what would have been consumed when eating the meal.

2. Choose your trade wisely

Don’t forget that reasons behind turning meal to liquid are convenience and combining the meal we might skip into one. So you should know that when you decide to turn your meal to the liquid, you are in for sacrifices. You can decide not to turn everything to liquid, instead choose the meal you value and wish to eat more when it is whole, it could be lunch or dinner then turn the rest into the liquid.

3. Focus on satiety

The ability for your liquid meal to last longer , keep you fuller and still remain super low in calories makes it better than whole meal. If you do not incorporate the right content in your liquid meal, you might end up going for an extra meal after the liquid meal, so if you wish to make it last longer, add protein and fiber to your mixture, this will help to make the food last in your system for a longer period and also keep you fuller.

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4. Prioritize taste

When something doesn’t taste so good, you might not want to go back for it. If you are on the liquid meal plan, try to make it as tasty as possible with the right healthy ingredients. If it isn’t as tasty as you wish this might make your force yourself to take it and this might bring about losing interest.

When you make it as sweet as you want with sweeteners, you might end up turning into an unhealthy drink and thereby killing the purpose behind the liquid meal. It is always advised to use baby spinach as the base of the liquid meal and then watch the portion of other ingredients, this will help you to enjoy your liquid meal more.

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