4 Seemingly Healthy Foods That Are Not Good for Your Health

In making better food choices, you might be picking the foods that are not much better than the unhealthy ones. This is not suitable to say that moderate amounts of these foods are bad. However, it is important to remember, that eating too much of these healthy foods can be bad for you. Here are the list of some foods that might not be so good for your health.

1. Protein shakes or smoothies

Smoothies are filled with fruits but it doesn’t mean that they are healthy for us. Fruits like the bananas and the berries have high sugar content therefore, taking them in a large amount will causes your blood sugar to fluctuate. Adding the large amount of vegetables to smoothies can also cause some health problems.

Vegetables that contains the thiocyanates can inhibit the absorption of iodine and cause hypothyroidism. Protein shakes, that bodybuilders use to build the muscles. However, during the process of metabolism, uric acid is produced. This compound can lead to kidney damage.

2. Low-fat or fat-free foods

Fat has been touted as an unhealthy food choice. Therefore, people try to avoid the fats as much as possible. The problem with the foods, that don’t have fats is in it but the manufacturers usually have to put in other additives and sugars to increase the taste. These additives can increase levels of bad the cholesterol in your body, same as unhealthy types of fats. You should try to read the labels on the store bought food items and go for that one which t have the low amount of sugar in it.

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3. Coffee

Coffee contains a lot of the antioxidants and the nutrients. It is also associated with a decreased risk of developing some diseases. Coffee also stimulates the brain activity and improves the metabolism. However, the coffee addiction can leads to the some problems like irritability, heart arrhythmia’s and insomnia.

4. Tuna

This is a fatty fish, that is rich in the proteins and the omega-3 fatty acids. However, tuna is sourced from the ocean therefore, it usually contains a harmful substance known as methyl-mercury. The methyl-mercury affect speech, hearing, vision and causes other serious effects, that are not good for your health. Try to eat fishes like the the salmon and the tilapia, that have been grown in a fish farm. These have much lower mercury levels.

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