4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Pillow

You put your head on a pillow every night but it is probably one of the things you think about the least. Pillows play a big role in determining quality of sleep. A worn out pillow can cause stiffness of the neck and headaches. This can impair your ability to be productive during the day, and may lead to various other adverse effects.

Although there are no exact ways to determine the time to get rid of a pillow, there are quick tips you can use to find out if you need a new pillow. Here are some of these signs.

1. You wake up with muscle soreness or headaches regularly

When your pillow has lost its shape due to overuse, it might not be able to keep you comfortable through the night. This lack of support can cause muscle soreness and headaches. If these occur regularly, you need to change your pillow.

2. The tag

Some pillows have tags that tell you their expiration date. This can help you decide if it’s time to change it. Other factors are also important. For example, if you use it often or use a pillow protector to make it last longer.

3. A change in sleep positions

The way you sleep should indicate the type of pillow you should use. If you sleep on your back, you only need a thin pillow to straighten your neck. Sleeping on your side requires a thicker pillow to keep your neck from falling towards your shoulders.

When you change your sleeping position, your old pillow will not be functional any longer, so it would be better if you change it.

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4. Use the “shoe test”

This test is used to test the ‘springiness’ of a pillow. You can perform it by folding your pillow in two and placing a shoe on it. If the shoe flips off and your pillow goes back to its original position by the time you release it, your pillow is still good. If it doesn’t pass this test, you should get a new pillow.

The duration of a pillow’s usefulness depends on its quality. Therefore, you should get a new pillow between 6 months and 3 years.

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