4 Signs That You’re Unhealthy

Our body speaks to us regularly, but it is quite unfortunate that many of us do not realize it up until we are diagnosed with an illness or begin to notice obvious symptoms of bad health.

The body gives early signals to know what will happen ahead of time so that you are able to take precautions and reduce the risk of any health defect that may arise later. Here are 4 signals that show you are healthy.

1. The color of your pee

The color of your urine gives a clear reading on how hydrated you are. Recent studies have found that the color of the pee tells the state the body is in. While a pale or transparent yellow urine indicates good health, an amber colored urine indicates dehydration.

Take note of the color of your urine and when you notice any change in color, be careful to know what it’s saying about your body. Dehydration increases thirst, reduces sweat production, increases breathing and heart rate, lowers blood pressure and causes shriveled skin. You can avoid these risks by drinking the adequate water needed by your body.

2. Chapped lips

Also known as cheilitis, chapped lips are characterized by cracking, fissuring and peeling of the skin of the lips. Although it is often caused by external factors like sun exposure, wind exposure or dry air, it could also be an indicator of dehydration. Keep track of your daily intake of water if you notice chapped lips with no external factors in place.

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3. You catch the seasonal bug every season

Seasonal illnesses like cold, cough or flu are common infections, but it should be a little disturbing if you find yourself susceptible to all of them.

The immune system naturally fights against these illnesses, so there could be a chance that your immune system isn’t strong enough to fight them, so your body falls into the trap. Eat foods rich in vitamin C, fibers and protein. Also take enough fruits for antioxidant to help boost your immune system.

4. You get tired regularly

Anyone can get tired from everyday stress, which can be taken care of with a quality sleep. However, if after having quality sleep you still feel tired frequently, then there is probably a health defect lurking around.

You probably need to look into your diet and eat more healthy meals. Also, if you experience chronic fatigue, it could be a sign that the thyroid isn’t functioning well. These are signs you will likely not pay attention to on a random day.

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