4 Socks Great for Exercise

A common but underestimated problem in workout and fitness cycles, is what socks to wear. Conventional socks tend to soak up moisture and sweat from the feet, retaining them in the shoes or footwear, which can cause disease like athlete’s foot and cause a great stench.

To prevent this, special socks have been created that you could use specially when exercising to properly remove moisture and to solve a host of other problems as well, making your workouts easier.

1. Brooks running – ravenna double tab

This socks is made with nylon and polyesters, materials that attract water from the surface of the skin, then evaporating them. This helps to keep your feet safe from disease and free from smell.

It also contains cushions at the heel and toe to provide support and enable softer landing if you were to jump and hit your feet hard on the ground. It is designed to allow maximal airflow to your feet, refreshing them and preventing them from smelling.

Support is also provided by a compression positioned in the ark and a tab that helps to keep the sock in place by wrapping it with the ankles, but with no chance of chfin occurring.

2. Smartwool – PhD Cycle Ultra Light Pattern Crew Socks

This very long sock is specially designed for cyclists, with its length providing protection for the leg from debris, while its nylon and merino wool fabrics help to dry feet quickly of sweat.

3. Lululemon – no show sock silver

One problem with no-show socks is their inability to stay on the legs. But lulemon appears to have incredibly solved this problem so the sock does not keep falling off.

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It also has a special arrangement of its mesh and threads too allow for air to the feet and its nylon fabric effectively removes moisture from the feet and shoe wear. In addition to this, a special technique is employed to stop it from stinking.

4. Bombas – striped quarters

Its extra long staple cotton material allows for effective disposure of moisture, while the ankle tabs it has, helps to prevent blisters.

Special methods are also used to prevent it from stinking.

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