4 Steps to Preventing Hereditary Obesity

When an individual has a BMI that’s greater than 30, then that person is said to be obese. Following a sequence of research, experts have now come to find out that most of the forms of obesity are linked to genes. These genes can be passed on from parent to offspring and can lead to what we call “Hereditary Obesity”.

You might be asking yourself “If it’s in my genes, how can I prevent it?” the answer is; although different people inherit these “obesity genes”, your environment and lifestyle also determines how and if most of these genes are expressed. This means that although most members of your family are obese, you can actually prevent yourself from getting obese.

Steps to preventing Hereditary Obesity include:-

Avoid excessive stress

Studies have shown that people predisposed to Obesity are prone to gaining weight in times of stress. This might be because they are also most likely to be stress eaters or because of some yet undiscovered underlying issue. Therefore, watching and controlling your stress levels is an important step in preventing the expression of Hereditary Obesity.

Remember heredity is not destiny

The first step towards success in anything is a positive attitude. The popular saying “if you believe it, you can do it” is actually true even in the prevention of Hereditary Obesity. The first step to preventing the manifestation of hereditary Obesity is actually beginning to believe that you can prevent it because it’s a very realistic possibility.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy is advisable for everyone but especially important for people predisposed to hereditary obesity. Experts say that some of the “obesity genes” get activated by fried foods. Therefore say goodbye to those unhealthy snacks and food and incorporate healthier foods like fruits, vegetables, steamed foods into your daily meals.

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Exercise regularly

Exercising is an important step in preventing hereditary obesity because you want to make sure your body is in its best possible state at all times. Get involved in a regular exercise regimen. Let it be something you enjoy; swimming, dancing, running, brisk walks or any physical activity at all. This way, if for some reason you add some excess weight, beginning to lose it won’t be too much of a struggle.

In conclusion, every time you climb that scale and it looks as though you are still adding weight excessively, don’t give up. Keep believing, keep exercising, keep eating healthy and keep working hard. Your body is beautiful and you alone can transport it into its best possible state.
Always remember, consistency is the key

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