4 Tips For Big Weight Loss

If you have to set a big target for weight loss, like 50 to 100 pounds, probably a postpartum (after birth) weight loss, or you’ve just hit a plateau, then read on. Thinking of how much you have to lose at a particular period of time may seem daunting and you may just want to give up already even before you try. However, a great way to make this happen is by making small changes. Focus on small smart goals that will help you reach your final goal.

Below are 4 effective tips that can help you.

1. Remember, it takes time

Always bear it in mind that you have a big target ahead of you, and you can’t hit it all at once, so it may take time. Since it didn’t take you a day to gain all that weight, it definitely won’t cost you a day to lose it. If you can try to lose about 2 pounds weekly, it’ll add up over time and give you the result you expect.

2. Drink a lot of water

Make drinking water a habit, such that when you’re craving a high-fat snack, you’d rather get a glass of water. Staying hydrated often will not only keep you full and prevent you from eating too much, but will also improve your overall health. You can add lemon or lime to your water, for greater benefits.

3. Hold yourself accountable

You should be accountable for your health to make it work. You can do this by writing down every thing you eat, so that when you notice a drop or a gain in your weight, you can easily look into your food journal to know what you have eaten that might have caused the gain or loss. Then will you know which food to drop or which to continue. It will also help you to be mindful of the things you eat, since you know you will have to write it down later.

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4. Load up on fruits and vegetables

It’s time to quit those fatty foods and eat right! Eating right has to do with you eating power packed foods that promote your health and also shed excess fats. Get more fruits and vegetables, and load them up in your refrigerator. You can even make them into smoothies to get a delicious drink.

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  1. I like the recommendation to drink a lot of water when you’re trying to lose weight. It makes sense that this could be helpful to make sure you can get hydrated and stay healthy. It’s something to remember because I want to start losing a little weight and starting by drinking more water and exercising a lot would be good.

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