4 Tips On How To Stop Feeling Self-Conscious

Have you ever wondered why you feel self-conscious? For most people, it has a lot to do with certain features of their body and for others, it’s about smarts, status or funds. If you feel ruled-on by other people, it’s very important to know that it does no good to have others defining who you are.

On a profounder stage, one of the biggest reasons that brings about feelings of self-consciousness is deep contemplation and indecision in one’s own capabilities to interrelate or execute tasks. Learn to deactivate your internal critic and find positive means of lessening your self-consciousness. It’s time to start living again.

1. Identify what you’re self-conscious about

A certain aspect of your appearance? Your intellectual abilities? Your accent? The twitch in your eye? Your physical or maybe mental disability?

Make a list of your triggers. Leave a blank column next to the list, so that after categorizing your triggers, you can write down steps you’ll take to reduce your self-conscious feelings in relation to each item.

2. Challenge negative thoughts

Self-consciousness sometimes shoots from our worry that others will approve our negative self-talk or take a hold on those things that we feel insecure about. If your undesirable thoughts tell you you’re overweight and you start believing them, then you’re going to undergo a deeply hurting and self-conscious moment.

If someone says you should loss some pounds. This is because your negative thoughts have persuaded you into believing that you are overweight and that being overweight is bad.

3. Challenge yourself

It is an operative way to push yourself. When you feel that doing something will make you feel self-assured and enthusiastic, but can’t do it because of nervousness or self-consciousness, then challenge yourself. For example, say to yourself “I dare you to put yourself in an awkward situation.”

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4. Make fun of yourself

That’s right, make fun of yourself, not in a self-condemnatory manner though, but in a modest and humorous way to admit that you’re not perfect and that you care less.

After you drop a jar of peanut butter in front of someone you fancy and observe in fear as it smashes into pieces and splashes peanut butter hunks on the floor, burst out laughing at your characteristic awkwardness, cracking a joke that you need to wear double-sided tape on your hands and then make an apology and help clean it up.

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