4 Top Reasons for Women to Run

At first, I thought that running was only for born or professional runners. But once I got into it, I realized how happy it made me feel. It made me feel better than I used to be. Running made me feel physically content but at the same time, I was happy with my mental state knowing that I have the will to achieve my goals.

Many of you ladies might not even bother to go through the effort of trying it out. But let me tell you what you’re missing out by mentioning these 4 reasons for women to run regularly:

1. Perfect thighs

Running is a great way to build your things and tone your bum at the same time. By running you can lose weight and tone your body at the same time. You will have to run by pushing your limits but once you are done, you’ll thank yourself for the struggle you went through. The reason behind Beyonce and Rihana’s perfect thighs is nothing else but same old school cardio.

2. It’s simple

This is the type of exercise in which no equipment or fancy gear is required. All you need is a pair of boots to start your running adventures. For women, sports bras do make it very easy. It’s not like you have to learn how to run from someone. Running is human instant, as simple as that. There is neither any difficult skill that you have to master nor any danger that may occur to your body during running. Running will keep you all healthy and fit throughout the year.

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3. Releases stress

Many runners have explained that running helps them a lot with their daily life. They can think clear, shoulders start to feel loosened up and the tension in the back area is almost down to none. The feeling you get when you run in proper rhythm is very helpful for the mind. Many people get time to think about their problems while they are running on the road or in the jungle to gain fitness. Running is the easiest of exercises that releases stress and anxiety through sweat.

4. Keeps you safe

Running, like many other exercises, acts as an anti-disease activity during your routine. People who exercise on regular basis are less likely to be infected by any kind of disease as compared to lazy sleepy heads present at home. Running helps in boosting immunity to viruses, decreased cholesterol levels and low blood pressure.

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