4 Upper Body Moves That Build Your Core

In building your upper body, you need to engage in serious exercise moves. For any muscles to grow in size and density, you need stimulus. To sculpt a ripped six-pack, you will need to target your abs with more than just a few plank holds and abs-wheel rollouts. Every exercise you do should engage the core so your trunk would be stabilized in space.

Here are some body moves to build the upper body and directions that would be given in order for you to engage in it.

1. Feet-elevated push ups

This should be a work over in any guy’s workout routine. To crank up the intensity on a push up or plank an easy trick is to elevate your feet. This would shift the center of gravity towards your core and upper body and you would get more result when you engage in it. This can be done by placing your feet on a bench or stool and do your push up. Try to keep your lower back flat and don’t let your hip sag. To make it harder, use a higher surface, to make it much easier use a lower surface. By so doing, you tend to build your upper body.

2. Single-arm-bent-over row

This exercise helps to spike your core activation because your abs and muscles have to resist bending of and twisting. This can be done by bending your knees slightly and bend your hip so that your lower back would be flat and your torso would be almost parallel to the ground.

3. L-pull-ups

Pull-ups are exercise that help to build your upper body strong. This can be done grabbing a pull up bar and lift your legs in front of you so that your body would form an L. hold his position, squeeze your shoulder blades together, and pull yourself up.

4. Barbell overhead press

Pressing a heavy object is one of the best ways to build a strong and ripped core. The core aids in transferring energy from the ground to your arms and stabilizing the heavy weight when it is fully extended overhead. This can be done by resting your shoulder and collar bones. Grab the barbell with your hands slightly outside the width of your shoulder and your elbow slightly in front of the bar. Then push the barbell vertically in a straight line and move your shoulders at the top of the movement. Bring back down to the starting position then repeat it. This would help to build core on the upper body.

Image courtesy of: climbing.com.

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