4 Ways to Burn More Calories on a Rowing Machine

Weight loss is a long process and a lot of effort has to be made to attain this goal. It is much easier if a variety of workouts are incorporated into the weight loss routine, rather than going over the same routine or sets of workouts that may end up being boring for you. The rowing machine has been designed to build and tone muscles, strengthen cardiovascular functions and increase stamina. It is even much more effective for older fitness enthusiast, as it is easier on the back and joints. It burns a lot of calories because it engages all the muscles, from the arms to the core to the legs, and this increases the heart rate a lot.

Below are four ways to use the rowing machine.

1. Sit taller

Maintaining a proper posture is very important while you perform this exercise, to avoid rounding your back and causing a strain on your muscles. Sit upright, then lift your chest and gaze in front of you. Don’t drop your head as you do this, to keep your airways open and make it just perfect.

2. Do power stroke intervals

Power strokes are fast and hard strokes that help to strengthen the back muscles. Push harder with your feet and pull harder with your core and arms to enable a faster row, while you maintain the same intervals throughout. Do 10 power strokes at 24 strokes per minute, and balance it up with 10 recovery strokes. The number of strokes per minute (SPM) is usually written on the screen of the rowing machine. You can do another set of 26 strokes per minute, followed by a recovery session, and another set with 28 strokes per minute to end the workout.

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3. Do endurance training

Endurance training helps to improve the cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular endurance during any aerobic or anaerobic exercise, as it helps you to withstand fatigue, stress, and pain. You can supercharge your calorie burn with the rowing machine by including endurance workouts. To do this, row at medium intensity of about 24 to 26 strokes per minute for eight minutes while you maintain the same intervals.

4. Focus on your legs

You will be working more on the big muscles of your lower extremities by driving your legs into the heel-rest with every stroke you make. This works effectively to enhance your calorie burn rate. Ensure that you don’t use your full-body all at once, use 60% of your leg muscles, 20% of your core and 20% of your arms/shoulders.

How long you stay on the rowing machine doesn’t determine the benefits you get from it. Doing it right is what matters.

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