4 Ways Climate Change Will Affect Your Health

Climate change is caused by increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and it affects all regions around the world. It involves polar ice shields melting and the sea rising. While some areas may experience extreme weather events including rainfall, some other places may experience extreme heat waves and droughts. These effects are not only harmful to the planet, but also to the health of humans. Keep reading to know more.

1. It causes more allergies

Allergies are on the rise in developed countries, and one of the reasons for this could be climate change. Studies show that it leads to longer allergy seasons and also worsens the air quality. As a result, there are more allergies and asthma attacks in long allergy seasons.

2. It causes disease spread

Some vector born diseases are affected by the varying weather and hotter temperatures and as a result of this, they rely on their surrounding environment to control their internal heat. When they do this, they tend to have a higher chance of survival, which allows the spread of certain diseases like malaria.

3. It affects the heart

Climate change can increase heat waves, which combines with the buildup of pollution. This is a potential problem because studies have shown high levels of pollution to be linked with heart problems. A new U.S study also found out that higher temperatures plus the ozone may act together to worsen the health of the heart as high temperatures in the summer months tend to decrease the heart rate variability or the regularity of the heartbeat. A decrease in the heart rate variability or the regularity of the heart can lead to some heart defects and increase the risk of heart failure, which eventually causes death. Also, air and temperature have be shown to affect the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for regulating the heart’s electrical activity and airflow to the lungs.

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4. It sometimes become extreme

Sometimes, global warming becomes excessive and this causes events of extreme disaster like heat waves, floods, huge storms and so many more. All these could increase death tolls, like the heat and drought disaster known to be the deadliest natural disasters. Heat waves are also not any less severe as a study in 2007 shows that heat waves are now nearly twice as long as they were many decades ago.

To protect yourself from changes in the climate, you have to stay informed by educating yourself on what is going on and reading trusted information that has been verified. You can also make adjustments at home by changing your most used light fixtures to products that have the EPA’s Energy Star Label, sealing and insulating your home, using recycling programs and green power like solar panels, and reducing water waste.

4 Ways Climate Change Will Affect Your Health

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