5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Smelling Feet

5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Smelly Feet

During the rise in temperature your feet get very sweaty. The bacteria live in your skin and shoes as a result of the sweaty feet. They tend to feed on your sweat  and by doing so, they produce an acid by-product that makes your feet smell very bad. When you have smelly feet, it makes you ashamed to walk without your shoes on.

Therefore, here are some solutions that could help to stop the smelly feet.

1. Try soaking your feet in salt water

Salt helps to remove the moisture out of the skin. This tends to help reduce the bacteria that can live in the feet.

  • Get a bowl of warm water.
  • Put in the salt make sure it is well dissolved.
  • Soak your feet into it for at least 20 minutes by so doing the salt would help to reduce the odor on your feet.

2. Try soaking your feet in vinegar water

To create a place that would not be very conducive for bacteria, try putting in vinegar. It would help to dry the bacteria as a result of its content.

  • Get a bowl with vinegar inside.
  • Get two bowls separate with warm water.
  • Then soak your legs for at least 30 minutes, try this once every week.

3. Use the right socks

Choose the right material for your socks. Materials like nylon can create an avenue for your feet to be moisturized, which can become the dwelling of bacteria because they love such places. Choose cotton socks, this reduces your feet to be sweaty which reduces the presence of bacteria.

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4. Try feet powder

Try corn starch, it absorbs the moisture on your feet which kills the bacteria. Also put a quantity into into your shoes. They would help to keep your feet dry and free from bacteria which would decrease the odor on your feet.

5. Use a tea bag

The acid in the tea helps to close the pore which helps to reduce the sweat content. It also acts as a natural antibiotic which helps to kill the bacteria.

  • Get a black tea bag to I print of water that is well boiled
  • Add a little of cold water into the boiled water
  • Then get a bowl a tub and mix the solution inside
  • Then soak your feet for 30 minutes try
  • Try this once every week

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