4 Ways to Deal With Drinking Too Much

If you are worried that you’re drinking too much, you are not alone. A majority of the world’s population has been diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder during their lifetime. As luck would have it, the occurrence of problematic drinking likewise means that there are several resources for help at your disposal. There are steps that you can take by yourself to lessen (or quit) drinking, and reach out for help to make sure that you stay on track.

See your doctor

Schedule an appointment with your doctor about concerns about your drinking. Your doctor can link you up with other people that can help you and help you choose from different courses of treatment, as well as give you a physical examination to ensure that you do not have any physical complications connected to your drinking.

Fill your time

If you need something to keep you busy, try taking up a new hobby, exercising, cooking or hanging out with new people or friends. Joining a new club, sports team or other kinds of social groups will help you make new friends and begin a brand new chapter of your life in which addiction no longer has a grip on you. Affirmative social interactions can fuel the discharge of feel-good neurochemicals which cause feelings of happiness and pleasure without the need for drugs or alcohol.

Learn to say no

Train yourself to say no to alcohol till you feel contented doing so. Most people, particularly friends with whom you’ve had many drinks in the past, may not be able to apprehend your change of heart.

  • Just say no. “No thanks a lot, I’ll stick with coffee.”
  • Change the subject. For instance, “No, I’m good. So, where did you say your brother was going to school next year?”
  • Crack a joke. Try saying, “I’ve got to lose this beer gut! I’ll pass.”
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Ask your family and friends

Maybe your family and friends have beforehand pointed out that you are drinking too much. They also can assist you improve on any problem drinking deeds.

  • For instance, you could ask, “Can you honestly tell me if you think I drink too much? I had a rough weekend, and I’m starting to get worried I have a problem.
  • Ask them to tell you about your behavior while you are drinking. You might not be know if your behavior is horrible, violent, or miserable.

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