4 Ways To Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss

4 Ways To Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss

If you are interested in losing weight, you will be happy to know that the popular beverage known as ‘green tea’ is one of the most effective tools in combating weight gain. Green tea intensifies your metabolic rate a lot more as compared to most foods and drinks.

If you exercise in order to lose weight and stay in shape, you should add green tea to your health regimen as it will effectively double the weight loss that you obtain after drinking green tea after exercising. Here are a few methods you can use to enhance your green tea and make it even more effective at losing weight.

#1. Avoid flavored green tea as some flavorings contain sugar

Since green tea is so popular for its health benefits, there are a lot of brands of green tea available that include sugar as part of their flavorings. This sugar negates most of the positive health effects that green tea provides. The sugar will add a significant amount of calories to the green tea and so, you should avoid any green tea that includes artificial sweeteners or sugar.

#2. Choose the healthiest brands of green tea

There are a large number of brands of green teas available for you to choose from. There are many different types of green teas. Some brands include artificial sweeteners and sugar as part of their ingredients.

While other brands focus less on these unhealthy ingredients and instead add the various vitamins that are vital for the body. Green tea does not naturally contain a lot of vitamins, so these brands with vitamins and other healthy natural ingredients and no sugar or artificial sweeteners are the ones you should start buying.

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#3. How long is green tea good for?

Generally speaking, green tea does not spoil like most other food stuffs do. However, green tea that has been fresh for over six months has significantly more health benefits than green tea older than that. So when you stock up on green tea supplies, make sure that you finish it all within six months in order to get the most health benefits.

#4. What to do if you don’t like green tea

It may be the case that you are not a fan of green tea and aren’t keen on drinking it every day, or a few times daily just for its health benefits. However, this does not mean that you can’t enjoy their health benefits.

There is a special product made just for this purpose called ‘green tea extract’. Simple add around 1 to 2 ml of this extract to your drink of choice, stir and enjoy the drink while getting all the health and weight loss benefits of green tea.

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