4 Best Ways To Keeping Your Mind Sharp

Have you ever gone into a room and forgot what you went in to get? Or have you ever been involved in a conversation and forgot the name of a subject or fact?

Many people would say that this is as a result of aging, but memory lapses can occur with anybody at any age.

Studies have shown that you can reduce and prevent cognitive decline and the risk of dementia with some basic health habits which will be discussed below.

1. Engage all your senses

Engage all your senses to be active. The more you use your mind, the more you increase your learning capability and the more your brain will be able to retain things.

Research shows that adults go through a series of emotional sensations when they see certain images or perceive certain scents. In the study, certain adults were asked to show the images without the odor and they all did this accurately.

Brain imagery indicates that which is the piriform cortex. This main odor processing region of the brain becomes active when people see object and even though the odor was not be present, they could still identify the pictures. These engage all your senses and your mind will stay sharp and active.

2. Repeat what you know

With regards to what you want to recall, try saying it out loud and writing it down as well.

By doing this, you reinforce the memory which would make your mind sharp and active.

3. Prioritize the use of your brain

If you don’t often remember where you keep stuff at home or in your office, try concentrating while trying to remember important pointers.

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Take advantage of your calendar, planners and maps so that you access memories from a while ago.

Also you can try keeping certain items at places that are convenient to remember so that your brain can get used to them and this will prevent you from losing very important items.

4. Learn more

When you attain a high level of education, it is mostly associated with good mental functioning in old age.

A lot of individuals believe that attaining a high level of education increases your mental activeness, and this can be achieved by engaging in mental exercises as well.

This helps the brain cells to stimulate communication among themselves. Learning more skills & engaging in voluntary activities will go a long way. By so doing, your mind will be sharpened.

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