4 Ways to Prevent Nail Fungus

A lot of people have yellow nails and they get so scared, but there is nothing to be really worried about it. There are many ways to prevent it.  More often than, infection start as a yellow or white spot at the tip of the nail and work their way under the nail, bed a moist, dark environment which is a perfect breeding ground for it. There are ways to prevent this fungus from creeping into your nails.

Below are some ways to prevent nail fungus.

1.Wash socks with disinfectant

In order to prevent fungus you need to keep, what you wear very neat and clean, especially the socks you put on. Try to wash them with a cupful liquid of disinfectant. Soak it for few minute before washing, this helps to get rid or destroy fungus.

2.Protect your nails from trauma

Try to be extremely careful when walking in order to prevent yourself from bumps. Stubbing your toe can lead to cut on your toe and this tend to give fungus an opportunity to grow. Ditto for biting, or chewing your nails, so you need to keep your nails out of your mouth. And be sure that the shoes you put on has enough space. Also try to scrub your feet with a brush, avoid bristles so rough they damage the toe nails beds.

3.Try to strengthen your immune system

When your immune systems are being weaken, this can actually effect you, making it very easy for fungus creep into your system. Make sure you manage your stress with activities. This would help prevent fungus from gaining access into your system.

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4.Try this preventive foot soaking

A saline solution provides a hostile environment for fungus, decreases excess perspiration and soften skin, so anti-fungal medicine can penetrate deeper. So soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes, in a mixture of 2 teaspoon of salt per pint of warm water. This would help to reduce the amount of fungus in your nails, which would keep your nail free from such fungus, which would have caused more harm than  good on your nails.

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