4 Ways Stress Drains You

Stress is inevitable in our world today. Thanks to the political, social and economic issues affecting the world, everyone has their fair share of troubles. The only issue is stress is not fair and neither is it share anything of little portions. There are many stress issues that are affecting people all over the world and they come in all manner or forms. In America alone anxiety disorders affects people as much as 40 million adults, increasing the costs used in treating stress, it that amounts to almost $50 billion each year.  Adding to this are those that are dying silently in their depression and stress and can’t even afford treatment. Since you can’t identify at first sight meaning a smiling face doesn’t cut it, this article will point out the basic hazards of stress. Here they are.

1. Mental problems

One way to know that you are being drained is through your mental ability. When you start forgetting things easily, lacking concentration to finish a task or do something at a particular time or constantly doubting yourself about everything, worrying about everything and poor judgment or assuming things to go bad. Then it is indeed time to hold back and know that you’ve probably gone of course. These are the effects of stress, you begin to second guess everything you do, leading you to limiting yourself. When you notice this, it’s time to take out your book and pen and write down the tings affecting you and how they are affecting your mind.

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2. Emotional symptoms

Another sign to note is how moody you become, sign of short temper, being easily irritated, agitated or a sense of being over excited or overwhelmed, can’t relax. You always want to isolate yourself from any activity, social life inclusive which leads to loneliness and depression.

3. Physical symptoms

Stress can impact the body negatively, from the outside to the inside. Overeating or not eating due to stress. Then there is the body pain, headaches, dizziness, palpitations and loss of sex drive. Anytime you feel like you don’t want to do anything like exercise, or just go for a walk, it’s not just because you are tired, it could be worse. Most especially if you don’t feel like doing anything.

4. Behavioral symptoms

Behavioral symptoms can come in the form not having enough sleep, because you can’t sleep, social isolation. Avoiding task intentionally or unintentionally  abuse of drugs or alcohol to get you in the moment to perform, after which you are down again. Neglecting your duties, lack of appetite, general frustration with life, feeling directionless, that you can’t even do anything or find yourself do anything.

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