4 Ways to Work Out Without Weights


If you are a person who feels that he/she has the potential to improve greatly in physical strength with the help of lifting weights and working out to improve your muscle mass and get into a fit shape, then this article is for you.

While many people consider working out to be an important aspect of taking care of their health, they refuse to work out by using the excuse that they can’t do these exercises without using expensive body building equipment and materials.

#1. Do a countdown from 10

Most people who try to attempt sticking to a work out routine fall into a rut by relying on difficult to do pull-ups and dips. Your body will plateau after a certain number of reps and sessions so you need to realize that you have limits.

To try to solve this problem, do a countdown from 10. First do a set of 10, then a set of 9, and then a set of 8, and so on till you’re down to just 1 rep. As you continue doing the reps, your muscle workload will decrease and you’ll develop a good exercise routine.

#2. Become obsessed about training

To really motivate yourself do to workout sessions properly is to turn them into fun and pleasurable activities in your mind. Consider your physical training as a game that you have to play that involves using your body.

As a child, you may have done activities like the bear crawl or walking like a crab. If you try to do those exercises now, you might find it a lot harder to do now than it was as a child. This will let you know where your muscles are tight or are weak and need to be worked upon.

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#3. Start doing drop sets

If you have used weights, then you probably are familiar with drop sets. You can do drop sets with body weight lifts as well. To get the best advantage, start with the position that is the hardest on your body due to its posture.

Then adjust your positions slowly to make them more bearable and tolerable. Keep easing it off till you can do the maximum number of reps for adequate body exercises.

#4. Blurpees

Doing pull-ups is a very difficult thing to do for most people. However, you can simulate most of the physical benefits of doing pull-ups by doing ‘blurpees’.

To do a blurpee, first of all, squat down on your haunches and suddenly push your legs upwards in a rapid motion , in order that you may land in the position of a push-up. Then, jump your legs up again, but this time, land your legs apart from your hands. If you do this properly, you will notice the difference in your muscle mass in no time at all.

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