4 Weight Loss Tips For Every Type Of Job


I am sure all of you have for once looked at a 10 year old picture of yourself and thought how your body got to this stage. Although it is to some extent natural to put up weight as you grow older but there’s definitely more reason to it than that. Most of us are from the working class also known as corporate slaves. Working 9 to 5 every day may suck but what sucks even more is it being the reason for your over-weighed and out of shape physique. So what if I tell you that you could lose weight while being at your regular job? Yes that’s a surprise.

The important and valuable hours of your day are taken up by your job schedule. So here is Kenny’s 4 lesson guide to losing weight at your job.

1. Time your sleep

Who doesn’t love to sleep? Nobody! The basic and first step towards staying fit with a daily job is to master the timing of how you earn valuable sleep every day. When we sleep our body automatically releases fat burning hormones that will make you lose more weight. Just adjust your schedule according to your sleep where you get 8-9 valuable hours of complete sleep AND follow the schedule strictly.

2. No alcohol

I know that the only chilling some of you do in your day is while sitting in front of the television at night watching your favorite show having a pint. You’ll have to just watch that show with coke or something from now on if you want to stay fit and lose pounds. Say no to the stewardess on your flight the next time she asks what kind of alcohol would you prefer. Switch to healthier drinks like orange juice for a choice.

3. Exercise mornings

Your mornings should be exercise mornings if you want to be fit. Sleep early and adjust your schedule in a way that you have an hour to spare when you wake up in the morning. And in that hour my friends, you need to exercise as much as you can to go with your routine. Don’t do HIIT workouts in the morning as you have a day of work ahead and don’t want to go with a swollen back.

4. Plan meals

The meals that you take in the day should be planned and framed according to a pattern. You need a pattern that helps your body in losing weight. Do not skip any of your meals . This meal skipping can become a habit leading to your waist measurement becoming a nightmare for you.

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