4 Workouts to Get Rid of Back Fat

At the first glance, you might think that, this is not a big deal, but you would be surprised to know that just, how many men it affects and how many of those men it worries. The main reason is usually the foods they eat that are high in calories and then not getting enough exercises, or if they exercise, not performing workouts that work the back muscles.

Strength training, cardio and many more can all help to burn fat on your back, including the following four workouts.

1. The 200 club

This workout is an extremely brutal exercise comprised of strength exercises that work the muscles on your back.Perform a 10 deadlifts then 10 push-ups, then back to ten deadlifts, and so on, 10 more times, without stopping for rest. You should have performed a total of two hundred when you are finished, with the correct pose and form each time. Record the time it took you to finish and aim to beat it on the next round.

2. The punisher

The name alone should tell you all you need to know about this workout. It is done by seeing how many rounds you can do in 15 minutes, aiming to beat it the next time.

For a round, perform six repeats of front squats with most of your body-weight resting on the bar, followed by six repeats of pull-ups, then 10 repeats of back squats with also most of your body-weight resting on the bar and then finally ending with 16 repeats of alternating renegade row with a quarter of your body-weight resting on the dumbbells.

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3. Solomon challenge

This workout not only burns back fat, but it can also increase the general intensity of your exercises. It is done by doing a row of two hundred meters, followed by 21 repeats of burpees, then another row of 200 meters, then again 15 repeats of burpees, then another row of two hundred meters and finally with nine repeats of burpees, allowing your chest to touch the ground, creating better balance for your body as a push and pull routine is created.

Try and perform these all within six minutes, without stopping to rest.

4. Swing tabata

This workout is probably the best at blasting back fat. It concentrates a lot of its energy and attention on the hamstrings and glutes of your back without doing much damage for the rest of the body.

Perform 50 repeats of kettle-bell swings, followed by four bike sprints of 20 seconds each going as fast as you can, then another 50 repeats of kettlebell swings, then another four repeat of bike sprints, 20 seconds each, then ending with 50 repeats of kettlebell swings.

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