4 Wrong Things You Do in and out of Shower

There are wrong things a lot of people do while they are in and out of the shower, but they feel it is actually the right thing to do.

Below are things you should not engage in while in and out of the shower

1. Taking your shower with a very hot water

It is good to take your bath with warm water, because it warms your body during a cold morning, but it is not good to take your shower with hot water as a result of the effects it gives to your skin.

According to Dr. Woolery Lloyd, long hot shower strip the skin of its natural oils making you to develop common problems like eczema. Hence take your shower using warm water, so that your skins don’t develop skin infections.

2. Not rinsing your body completely

Stepping out of the shower and seeing soap bubbles on your body, if you probably wipe it off to make it dry. However, both dermatologists warn, that not properly rinsing soap off your body could cause skin irritation and dryness.

But it actually depends on the kind of soap you use, because there is some bathing soap that gives an additional moisturizer to the skin. Hence try to know the kind of soap you use because some contain chemicals which could irritate your body when you do not rinse them off while showering.

3. Applying deep facial mask after showering

A lot of people tend to fully cleanse their faces in the shower and then apply a face mask afterwards. But this should be done timely. Dr Woolery-Lloyd said that, masks should be applied before washing the face. Washing before and after a mask would cause dryness of skin types.

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Anything you apply after shower would be absorbed into your skin which would cause skin irritation and dryness. The suggestive product to use on your skin after shower is a product that is hydrating and occlusive to add back and seal moisture.

4. Towel yourself gently and not rough

Many people like to wipe their body very fast as a result of them getting late for work. Wiping your body is as important as how you shower. Hence to prevent dry skin form getting worse pat down your skin with towel.

Since water evaporates off the skin quickly after a shower, leaving the skin dry, so it is important you just do a pat drying than a rough one, so that you don’t cause injuries to your skin.

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