4 Yoga Poses for the Back Pain

4 Yoga Poses for the Back PainDo yourself a favor by trying out some yoga exercises to alleviate back pain. Yoga connects the mind with the body and does not only makes you feel good but also increases your flexibility and helps to maintain a balanced metabolism, among other benefits. Below are four yoga exercises to alleviate back pain:

1. Kneeling lunge

From a kneeling position, keep one knee on the ground, and stretch the other leg out in front at a 90-degree angle and feet flat on the ground. Now, bend your front knee slightly and slide your body forward, pushing with your hips, and making sure your knee goes over your toes. Try not to lean forward or backward while you stretch. Maintain the pose for few seconds and return to the original position to repeat.

2. Child’s pose

Go down on all fours, with your arms stretched forward. Keeping your toes together, open your knees out to either side of your body and sit back slowly till you have your glutes positioned above your heels. Then lower yourself down as far as you can, and try not to stretch beyond your limit. Keep stretching your arms forward until you feel a stretch running through your lower back down to your fingers. Maintain this pose for few seconds, and repeat.

3. Cobra pose

Lie on the floor and tuck your elbows into your chest, with your hands placed on the floor slightly in front of you. Now, push up from your hands into a slight back-bend and pull your shoulders down, then turn your gaze upwards. Repeat the process, and ensure you keep a steady breath throughout.

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4. Downward-facing dog

Start on all fours, with your toes tucked while you rest on the balls of your feet. Push into your yoga mat with your hands and lift your tailbone up so that your body forms an upside-down “V” shape. Then spread your toes and fingers and push down into the floor actively. Relax your neck and maintain the pose for few seconds, then repeat for as many times as you can.

While you try out these exercises, ensure you don’t push yourself beyond your limitations, because you will likely end up performing them incorrectly.

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