4 Yoga Poses for a Good Night’s Sleep

4 Yoga Poses for a Good Night's Sleep

Everyone desires to get a good night’s sleep, especially after a long hectic day at work. Twenty-four hours in a day is already too much for some people, and at the end of the day, sleeping becomes a really difficult task. What should be done at this point then? Although a vigorous workout can relieve stress, but doing it just before going to bed can steal your sleep, even if you have no causes for stress. This is why it is best that you opt for a few gentle, relaxation-inducing yoga postures that will enable you to sleep better and avoid waking up at intervals during the night. Some of these yoga poses are listed below.

1. Lotus pose with deep breathing

To do this, begin by establishing your breathing before moving on to physical poses. Once you are breathing calmly, sit in a comfortable pose and breathe in and out via your nostrils up to 25 times, while lengthening the exhalations as much as you can. You can also try breathing through your abdomen by drawing the breath deep into your belly and letting it expand as you inhale, then exhale completely and empty your lungs, so that your navel is pulled in toward your spine.

2. Child’s pose

Sit in a Japanese style, with your knees wide apart, and your big toes touching each other. Now, press your torso down and rest your forehead on the floor to help soothe your nervous system. Then, keep your core engaged and extend your arms in front of you or by your sides. Ensure that your buttocks touch your heels. You can use a pillow to support the back of your knees.

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3. Hero pose

Sit in a Japanese-style, with your knees bent and legs folded underneath you. With the tops of your feet flat on the floor, keep your spine upright and your shoulders and head aligned over your hips. You can place a pillow between your feet and rest your buttocks on it to relieve the pressure.

4. Standing forward bend

Stand upright with your feet hip-width apart and bend forward at your hips. Do this while you stretch your fingertips to the ground. Maintain a slight bend in the legs, with your ribs resting on your thighs. Your arms should be both bent at the elbows. Then grab your elbows with the opposite hand, with your upper body relaxed. Then, use your fingertips to brush-off the back of your head gently.

These are four gentle yoga poses you can perform before bedtime. They will not only relieve you of stress but will also help you to sleep better.

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