5 Amazing Benefits of Pilates

Pilates are one of the newest and most popular exercises trending in the world of fitness today. They emphasize balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness, for support and improved movement. Pilates aren’t just a mere form of exercise, but one with amazing benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

1. Boosts the brain

The human brain produces more cells to make it active and more effective, and the efficiency of this is increased with pilates.

2. Eases back pain

To get a stronger core, you must have a better back, with little or no pain at all. Studies show that those who practice pilates for four weeks are relieved from back pain, compared to those who do not. Pilates help to alleviate stress and relieve you of any back pain, even for a longer period.

3. Increases flexibility

Pilates has to do with stretching of the muscles, as it focuses on the integrity of the body. In order to perform this form of exercise, your body will be required to flex as much as possible, which will result in an increased flexibility. With an improved flexibility, the risk of minor injuries and involuntary muscle contraction is reduced drastically.

4. It sharpens your focus

While performing pilates, you will be required to focus on your breath, your body, and observe how they move together. With time, your focus will be sharpened and this plays a great role in your cognitive function, as you tend to worry less about some distracting things, at least for that moment.

5. Improves posture

Pilates help to increase lean muscle mass and also burn fat, especially in the belly region, keeping the abs well-toned and the glutes firm. Other areas of the body are also sculptured, and all these work to support an improved posture, thereby keeping the body in shape.

If you are yet to include pilates in your workout routine, you surely have been missing out on a lot.

Image Courtesy of:watchfit.com, medaboutme.ru

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