5 Benefits of Eating Pepper

Peppers are one of the best foods to add to your diets. Not only do they add flavor to your food, they give you appetite to eat. When eaten, they act as toxins for the body, removing waste products with ease in the case of constipation. Peppers also encourage a faster metabolism.

The benefits of pepper are endless. This article will give you more insight on what peppers can do

1. Burns off fat

They help to burn fats by keeping immature fat cells from developing and storing, thus encouraging the flushing and enabling of a faster metabolism. According to a study in April, pepper has capsaicin that provides a metabolic effect.

2. Controls cholesterol

A study according to the British journal of nutrition, showed that super spicy meals help to protect the body against cholesterol buildup in the blood compared to a bland diet with no pepper in it at all. More pepper means more capsaicin for work.

3. Keeps arthritis at bay

Be it the red or yellow peppers having a decent amount in your food (at east 125ml) will keep arthritis at bay. According to researchers at the University of Manchester in England, who concluded that since it is high in vitamin C, chances of having an inflamed arthritis are low and those with the lowest category of vitamin C intake has more than a 3 fold risk of inflammatory arthritis.

4. Source of vitamin C

Red peppers most especially contain more than 200 percent of vitamin C. Apart from being a very effective antioxidant, vitamin C in pepper helps iron to absorb properly in the body as well as other functions of vitamin C that it can do for the body. Most people will head for fruits as they are sweeter and less daunting. Adding pepper to your dish gives your meals more boost, plus the tastier the pepper spice, the better would be the taste of your dish.

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5. Prevents bloating, lung issues and constipation

No one like the bloating or the constipation feeling either. A simple dosage of pepper in your meals with prevent this. Having a pepperish juice like your own drink after a meal will do well to prevent bloat and constipation. This is also good for your voice, especially as a singer during the cold weather. The mucus can block your lungs preventing a smooth flow in your vocal cords. Pepper in itself, prepared with season to taste and in a drink are very fast remedies to clear up your lungs.

Image Courtesy of: chatelaine.com, intoday.in.

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