5 Benefits of Olives

Olives are one of the world’s healthiest and beneficial foods to the human body. These widely fruits, yes fruits have being silently ignored as fruits, but as vegetables and are rarely used. The olive strength is one that knows no bounds in what it can do for you, be it in cooking as an appetizer or a dessert made meal. Here are 5 benefits of the olives.

1. Cardiovascular benefits

These healthy monounsaturated fats have being found to increase good cholesterol due to the oxidation nutrients in black olives, that impedes the oxidation level of bad cholesterol, therefore, preventing heart diseases like atherosclerosis that occur when free radicals enter the body and cause an increase of fat in the heart region. Olives prevent this from happening.

Studies have also shown that olives and the oil can help to decrease the blood pressure. How this happens is that the oleic acid present in olives can change signaling patterns at a cell membrane level once the body absorbs it. It specifically alters the G protein cascades. These changes at a cell membrane level results in the lowering of blood pressure levels.

2. Weight loss

Olives also encourage weight loss. They have been shown to breakdown fats in fat cells, reducing insulin levels and getting rid of belly fat, thanks to the monounsaturated fat found in olives. People who eat this in high amounts, tend to have high levels of serotonin, this is a satiety hormone, that aids one to feel full, therefore causing them to eat less. It even works with smells, as the aroma of olives does cause one to eat less.

3. Cancer prevention

In this area, one would want to protect the body from chronic oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, as they can be a problem towards cancer development. These are due to the fact that free radicals tend to cause, such issues of the immune system are not protected against such.

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Oxidative stress includes damage to cell structure and cell function over reactive oxygen containing molecules that leads to chronic inflammation-higher risk and increase of cell cancer. By consuming antioxidants and anti- inflammatory nutrients or supplements you protect the body against such destruction like olives.

4. Less Pain

They act as natural ibuprofen, due to oleocanthal, a substance with anti-inflammatory agents. Adding this to your diet and consumed regularly will give your body the strength, it needs to stand as a resistant to pain or be able to bear pain.

5. Skin and Hair Health

There is a reason why there are many olive products for the skin and hair today. This is because it has nutrients that heal body and has being discovered and therefore utilized as much as possible. They are rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that help to hydrate, protect and nourish the skin and hair of individuals, that used this consistently.

It has nutrients like vitamin E that aid in protecting the skin for ultraviolet rays which can bring about premature aging or even worse cancer. You can use this as a conditioner for your hair and allowing it to absorb till the scalp level and then wash off. You can even mix it with eggs and make a hair mask, leave for 30 minutes and then wash off. Putting this on areas of your body, that are exposed or have dark spot for a while, then washing will do your skin wonders if consistent.

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