5 Best Exercises for Losing Weight For Prom

5 Exercises for losing weight for prom

Looking to slim down for prom? We all want to look our best for the big night, (whether it be prom or something else). So is two months enough time for you to reach your goals? Yes it is, but there are two key words to have at the back your mind while you undertake this fitness journey: commitment and tenacity. It’s not going to be easy, but with a lot of effort and devotion, be rest assured you’ll be feeling super confident and fabulous when prom night finally comes. In this article, we have put together a few simple exercises that can help you shed pounds and get toned. Read on to find what these exercises are:

1. Pilates

Pilates helps build strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Unlike traditional exercise techniques that use several repetitions, Pilates exercises use very few, but very precise repetitions to work out the entire body. Pilates primarily uses your own body weight as resistance, and focused breathing as you progress through the exercises.

2. Strength Conditioning

Building muscle and toning your body through strength conditioning will help you look fit and healthy for prom. Use dumbbells, resistance bands or your own bodyweight for exercises to work all of the muscle groups. If using light five-pound dumbbells, perform one set of eight repetitions of each exercise to start. Increase the number of sets of eight reps over time until you can do three sets comfortably and then increase to a higher weight.

3. Cardio

Whether it’s on your belly, legs or arms, cellulite can make you feel self-conscious. And what better way to have it eliminated, if not by practicing daily cardio, combined with two to three sessions of strength training each week, plus a healthy diet?


4. Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a fantastic aerobic exercise that aids in burning fat and increasing alertness. By burning these extra calories, you will start melting away the pounds before prom. An extra plus with jumping rope is that it’s easy to get started, only requiring a jump rope and your own determination.

5. Old school sit-ups

This exercise targets your abdominal muscles, and is a perfect way to have your lower mid-section toned. Begin by doing fast paced sets and keep your form sharp. Focus on correct breathing and contracting your abs with each movement. Try for 3 sets of 12 or 15 reps.

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