5 Best Ways to Set Successful Weight Loss Goals


Weight loss cannot be achieved without setting weight loss goals. But how can one ensure that the weight loss goals are indeed achievable? Follow the ways that I highlight below that will ensure that you set successful weight loss goals!

Before setting any goal, even if it is a weight loss goal, ensure that you set a SMART goal. The SMART goal will ensure that the goal you set is specific and clear, it is measurable so that you can easily track your progress, it is attainable and you will not give up, it is realistic and achievable, and it is within a time frame!

1. Specific

Like I said, your goal must be specific. Figure out as to why you want to lose weight? Is it because you are overweight or you are in the normal weight range but have a high unhealthy fat percentage! Once you are sure about what and why you want to achieve the goal, only then can you work towards achieving it.

2. Measurable

Set a goal that you can easily measure. For example, set a goal in terms of pounds that you can check by weighing yourself at the end of the week, or in the form of inches that you can measure! It could also be in the form of fitting into your pair of favorite clothes.

3. Attainable

Set a goal that you can easily achieve. Do not set goals that will cause you to starve or lead to your health diminishing! If your goal is not attainable, you will definitely gain weight or see no improvement.

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4. Realistic

Just like the above point, set a goal that is realistic. If you set a goal of for example losing 25 pounds in a week, that is an unrealistic and an unhealthy goal! Even if you believe you can achieve your goal, such an unrealistic goal will only drive down your motivation level.

5. Time

Set a time for yourself to achieve the goal. Once you set a specific time, you can easily ensure that you follow a plan that will allow you to remain motivated and achieve that goal within that time frame.


The above five ways will ensure that you set a goal that you can easily and successfully achieve. Always remember that you do not have to be harsh on yourself for achieving any goal. Keep it simple, easy, and yet motivating enough for you to work towards achieving it!

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