5 Exercise Moves that Actually Increase your Energy Levels

Exercises create an energy surge around your body no matter how small the moves you make are. It has a direct effect on energy and that is why a simple act of just moving can kick start your metabolic system. Knowing this isn’t just enough but understanding it will help push you into a healthy state.

Now, when you exercise you positively alter your DNA. Studies show that, with moderate exercise, the mitochondria literally grow in size and become more efficient – it’s like trading up your cellular batteries from triple AAA to lithium. This all means that the more you move the more energy your body will make. Below are simple moves that actually increase your energy rate.

1. Virasana

Also known as seated warrior. This exercise helps you expand your rate of breathing and its very easy. With shoulders back and down, kneel on the floor, neck and spine on the floor. Raise your arms just in front of your shoulder, palms facing you with interlocked fingers. Face out your palms and raise them until they are facing the ceiling while keeping a maintained posture. Pinch back your shoulders, lift your sternum, chest expanded with relaxed neck and throat. Stay at this for atleast 5 minutes then bring your arms down gently to your sides.

2. Breathing control

Breath in slowly and calmly, allowing your abdomen to rise at the count of 4, hold the breath tightly for 4 seconds, breath out slowly, contract abdomen for 6 seconds. Do this atleast 6 times. As simple as it may seem it is really productive for energy.

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3. Brisk walk

While walking, listen to the rate of your heart beat and keep your pace increased with it. Run down a few stair cases while you are at it. Be conscious on your posture especially in your hips and thigh region. Do this everyday before or after your daily activities.

4. Adhomukha svanasana

Also known as downward-facing dog.This simple yoga posture definitely gets your circulation going, but it’s not recommended for individuals with high blood pressure, frequent headaches, or who are pregnant. Stand with your feet hip-distance apart, core engaged, head in a straight line with your spine. Take an abdominal breath. Bend from the waist until your palms touch the floor. Place your right foot back about four feet from your hands. Now place your left foot alongside your right so that your butt is in the air, heels on the ground, and you are in an inverted “V” position . Straighten your spine.

5. Hopping

Well, it might seem funny just hopping up and down around your office or class or even your home, but I tell you it is more effective than jumping ropes or skipping. Hop for about thirty minutes. Finish off standing on a good posture and exhaling/inhaling deep abdominal breaths.

Having a decreased level of energy spells a bad day for anyone. Stay active on this exercises, make them a habit that way things get easier and vastly done for you.

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