5 Exercises That Can Build And Improve Your Hamstring

5 Exercises That Can Build And Improve Your Hamstring 1

Hamstring muscles are extremely significant because they serve in solidifying the legs. If you are anything like most people, these muscles are most likely deficient and this is because you are probably ignoring them in your workout routine.

Here are 5 exercises that are good for building the hamstrings, and will ensure that your leg muscles will be able to do their part in supporting the core strength and stability of the body.

1. Stiff leg deadlifts

This is one of the most powerful exercises that you can do for your hamstrings. This is just meant to target your hamstring muscles when you are performing that workout. Normally, the majority of the work is placed on the lower back and sometimes on the upper back. Emphasis is generally placed on the hamstring muscles.

2. Lying leg curls

The hamstring supports a lot of standing workouts that you perform but you can actually do some work while lying down and also target the hamstrings as well. The movement is at a minimum and while it is not the most productive, it specifically targets the hamstrings.

3. Wide stance box squats

Squats help to build your abs and also provide a great workout to the upper muscles of the legs, if done with box squats your hamstrings will be very grateful to you for that. When done using a wide stance, greater stress is placed on the hamstrings.

4. Plate drags

Some of the workouts usually do not require machinery, only some kind of resistance. With plate drags, all you need is a large weighted plate available wherever you can get your hands on some free weight.

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5. The barbell deadlift

The deadlift is a great workout because it targets some portion of the hamstrings. This usually fits into any work that you might decide to perform. But especially the common hamstring exercises. Any deadlift variation usually works 100% of the muscles to some degree. When you do them properly you will be working the additional muscles for stability while pushing the limits of the legs muscles to support your core strength.


Working on the hamstring muscles is very vital because it helps strengthen other parts of the body as well. Don’t restrict your hamstring workout to just bending at the knees, do different combinations and remember that it doesn’t necessarily need to be done at the gym.

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