5 Exercises That Are Good For Resistance Training

5 Exercises That Are Good For Resistance Training 1

Resistance is a form of training that helps form muscular strength and endurance which is incredibly helpful in helping your weight loss goals and getting the ideal body. Here are 5 types of exercises that are good for resistance training.

1. Triceps Curl

You’ll need weights to help you attain this, not only is it helpful for your arms as it keeps it toned and helps the skin tightened from flappy arms it also helps in appearance. One can use one hand or both.  With the purpose of a hand, it help to steady the other arm whist you work out as it features restrict movement, which is good for resistance.

2. Basic Push Up

One of the most common exercises and it doesn’t need any fancy equipment. All you need is your hands to help push you up. It helps work your upper body, arms, shoulders and back muscles

3. Lunges

Lunges will help you come out with a better looking butt and toned inner thighs. This exercise can be done in different formations. In order to know more, you can watch some youtube videos and see the various methods.

4. Bracing during resistance training

Resistance exercises help to prevent low back pain and help your core muscles. Your core is the belt of muscles that wraps around your midsection. Engaging this natural weight is called “bracing.” As you perform them consistently you will notice them getting tighter.

5. Squats 

Your knees are biomechanical wonders. Key to your knees are your quadriceps, the four large muscles in the front of your legs. Short arc squats and wall slides or even leg raises will help you attain the right muscles, and the good looking calves you desire.

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Once you conquer the basics, you can go on to do more progressive resistance exercises.

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