These 5 Fast Foods Contain the Most Calories


Fast foods are a detriment to health. These foods are the types that contain an abnormal amount of calories in one meal. The body needs a certain amount of calories in day, meaning one has to eat a different variety of dishes to amount to that calorie amount.

But with fast food dishes, one can get a day’s calorie intake in one meal, a consistent flow of these way of consumption can lead to excessive gaining of weight. Here are the fast foods that contain the most calories.

Peppercorn Burger or Mac Donald’s Big Mac

A burger is one meal that tends to contain most of the unwanted calories. Depending on the fillings which are mostly fat filled  ingredients.  One can get over 2,500 calories in one burger portion. Added to that are the French fries that accompany them and fattened drinks like the milk shakes or sodas, as without it the food is incomplete. Burger as a whole is a very high calorie meal, depending on your fillings.

The Big Slab

This St. Louis-style spareribs is one and a half pond of meat that is bathed with sauce over fire and it is barbecued to perfection. This comes with two sides which could be baked beans or French fries or anything they have to serve as your sides and some corn muffin bread. Added to this is your “favorite” drink, beer, wine etc. that also helps increase your calories at the rate 2500 to 3,500 or more in one serving.

The Ocean

The ocean is blessed with all manner of creatures for man’s consumption, add the different varieties of sea food in one dish (as healthy as they are) can speed up the number of your calories. Too much of a good thing can be bad and this goes for sea food. A bowl of sea food, mussels’ soup, crab balls filled with spice and jalapenos with cream cheese, served with a dressing. Added to that is the traditional fish and chips , coconut shrimps, hushpuppies etc. with a beer or any drink adds up your calories to around 3,280 calories in one serving.

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The Deep Dish Macaroni & 3-Cheese at Uno Chicago Grill

This dish is made up of four cups of pasta, and 3 different cheeses like cheddar, Parmesan and Romano coupled with Alfredo sauce and a Ritz Cracker topping. Containing a whopping 1,980 calories, the same required amount an individual is required to eat in a day.  It contains saturated fat of 71 grams and 3110 mg of sodium. All in one serving.

McDonald’s Big Breakfast

This breakfast is a whole league on its own, as it accompanied with golden brown hotcakes that is 1,900 calories already. There is the fluffy scrambled eggs, fresh butter baked biscuits, crispy hash browns, hot sausage right off the griddle. One might decide to add a cup of milk shake to the mixture.

For a bonus

The Peanut Power Plus Grape Smoothie at Smoothie King has 1,460 calories.

PB&J isn’t just for kids,” says the Smoothie King Web site. “We blend fresh ground peanut butter and banana with your choice of plump strawberries or tasty grape juice.” This smoothie has 1460 calories in one serving added to the meal you are taking, you might be heading above the 2,500  calorie mark in one serving.

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