5 Flat Abs Workout for Men

Having 6 packs is one of the most wanted body posture many guys want and it never goes out of style, it gives you an attractive appearance and boosts your confidence. Well if you want flat and well-built abs, below are some of the Abs workouts you can do.

1. Bicycle

This workout targets your upper and lower abs, your side muscles and your back. All you have to do is lay down on your back, raise one shoulder like you trying to touch your opposite knee, keep your elbows back and lower your back to the floor, then raise your legs and pedal in the air. Repeat this with the other side, you can do this for about 12 times.

2. Reverse crunch

This workout deals with your lower abs, all you have to do is place your arms on your sides with your palms down, use your abs to lift your legs off the floor and bring your knees directly over your hips. Take your abs further, then raise your hips and lower your back to the floor and your knees should be towards your face, pause there for a while and then lower your back to the floor but, don’t let your legs touch the floor. You can do this 12 to 15 times.

3. Wood chop

In this workout you have to get a weight like a dumbbell, cable weight system or a medicine ball, just any one that will work your muscles out.

Place one of your knees on your foot side, then use both hands to carry the weight you choose, over your shoulder on the foot facing towards that side, without turning your torso and slowly lower the weight to your opposite hip, making sure your head, hips and torso are facing forward all the time. Do this 10 times to each sides.

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4. Trunk rotation

Use a medicine ball or dumbbell, this workout will strengthen your back and abs. Be in a sitting position, slightly lean to your back, engaging your abs and your knees bent, with your heels touching the floor. Hold the dumbbell or medicine ball close to your body then, slowly twist your torso to one side, hold on for 5 breaths and then rotate to the opposite side contacting your abs as you twist. You can repeat this for 20 times.

5. Classic crunch

This workout is called classic because, it works really well on your abs. Lay on your back, bend your knees and your feet flat on the floor, then put your hands behind your head while, your elbows faces out, as your back is low to the floor, use your ab muscles to lift your upper body as high as you can, pause for a while and slowly lower your back to the floor. Repeat these steps for about 15 to 20 times.

Remember to take breaks in between and to stay hydrated as well.

Image Courtesy by: medisyskart.com, getpic.52114.org

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