5 Foods to Avoid to Improve Memory

Just as there are foods you can eat to boost your remembering skills, there are foods that reduce your ability to recall things. These foods are not so good for your brain in general.

1. Margarine

Margarine contains trans fatty acids, artificial organic compounds that are made by heating natural plant oil with a catalyst, and hydrogen gas.

Trans fatty acids have been shown through numerous studies to significantly reduce memory and many other brain functions. They aid in free radical oxidative damage including to brain cells, causing inflammation, while reducing the utilization of omega 3 fatty acids in the brain.

2. Chicken skin

Despite how delicious this delicacy is to you, avoid at all cost, if you want to improve your remembering ability and have a healthy brain in general. It contains saturated fats, which not only cause weight gain, but they are really bad for your memory.

Saturated fats increase the likelihood of inflammation occurring to the walls of the blood vessels, allowing a hard plaque to accumulate and clog the vessel, raising blood pressure while reducing the flow of blood to the brain. A reduction in blood flow to the brain, decreases its functions and activities, including memory skills.

3. Candies

Candies are full of sugars that reduce the ability of the brain to store information as memory and causes disorders of learning. High blood sugar levels also reduce brain activity and functions in the hippocampus, the main area of the brain where memory is handled.

Sugars can also cause depression and mood swings, which puts the brain and the mind under stress, reducing its ability to recall most things.

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4. Canned soups

A lot of canned soups contain Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), added to enhance flavor. This MSG is broken down into glutamate, a poisonous substance in the body that excites neurons, causing them to signal at an alarming rate, thereby exhausting and killing brain cells.

MSG also breaks down into formaldehyde which can cause neuro degenerative diseases that increases forgetfulness, by changing the way that brain cells metabolize.

5. Meat broth


Broth made with fatty meat can also impair memory ability due to the presence of high levels of fats, as already stated, reduces blood pressure and decreases brain activities and functions.

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