5 Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

As there are foods that can help to strengthen and whiten your teeth, there are also foods that you eat that are harmful to your teeth, as we all know oral healthy is really important, so if you don’t want to have bad breathe and brown teeth, then below are some of the foods you should try to  avoid.

1. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are healthy yes, but eating many dried fruits like prunes, apricots and raisins are sticky. They stall out and stick in the teeth and their cleft, leaving heaps of sugar. So whenever you get the chance to eating dried fruits, ensure that you wash your mouth with water and after that brush and floss.

2. Alcohol

You should keep in mind that every single alcoholic drink presents a serious risk to your oral well being, it causes dehydration and dry mouth. This reduces the salivation stream which can cause health issues, like tooth rot and gum malady in the long run.

3. Citrus

Citrus are stuffed with vitamin C  which is healthy, but as it may, their acid substance can render your teeth defenseless against decay. In addition, the acid from citrus can give rise to mouth injuries. If peradventure, you only consume citrus because, of its cancer-preventive agents, but even at that, wash your mouth with water after each meal.

4. Hard candy

Relishing a sweet sucker may appear to be sufficiently pure, however one moment, Sucking hard candies opens your mouth to harmful sugars for longer time.  What’s more biting on these hard candies can break or split teeth, sealants and filling.

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5. Potato chips

The surface of potato chips implies, they have a tendency to wait in your mouth. At the point when chip particles stall out between teeth, acid delivering microbes enjoy an eating pattern that, ups your risk of tooth decay. Since we tend to nosh on chips over a long stretch that implies a relentless time of acid creation.

You have to eat healthy to avoid a bad breathe and rotten tooth, make sure you brush your teeth as wake up from bed and before you go to bed.

Image Courtesy by: pearldentalcare.ca, youroviedodentist.com

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