5 Foods That Lower Blood Sugar Levels

When the body can’t transport sugar from the blood to the cells effectively, it leads to a high blood sugar level, which eventually causes diabetes, if not maintained properly. The normal blood sugar level is within the range 3.9 to 5.5 mmol/L (70 to 100 mg/dL). Once it exceeds that, diabetes and other health conditions set in.

Food plays a great role in lowering the blood sugar level. Below are some of these foods

1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is really great in reducing the blood sugar level and studies have shown that both whole cinnamon and cinnamon extracts are great for this effect. However, there are different kinds of cinnamon and you should be careful of the one you settle for.

Saigon cinnamon, for example, contains high levels of coumarin that may damage your liver. Ceylon cinnamon, on the other hand, is safer. Ensure you are fully aware of the kind of cinnamon you opt for, or better still, consult your doctor.

2. Garlic

Garlic is used to lower cholesterol levels and has also been shown to lower the blood sugar levels. Garlic adds great taste to the food, so you shouldn’t hesitate in adding it to your meal.

3. Sweet potatoes

Potatoes are generally not okay for diabetics, which is why we are being specific by sticking to just sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have a high fiber and carotenoid content that helps to increase the insulin activity in the body, causing the blood sugar level to reduce. It is effective, even if you already have diabetes.

4. Avocados and nuts

The benefit of avocados and nuts in the body cannot be overemphasized as they are considered to be one of the most healthiest foods in the world today. They contain monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which are important components of a healthy blood sugar eating plan. Avocados lower the risk of metabolic syndrome (which includes diabetes), and also increase satiety, along with other amazing benefits.

5. Vinegar

Vinegar contains acetic acid that helps to reduce certain enzymes in the stomach, which improves insulin sensitivity and reduces the blood sugar level. After eating starchy foods, if you fear that your blood sugar level is on the run, get some vinegar and keep calm.

Above mentioned 5 foods can help to lower the blood sugar level and reduce the risk of diabetes and certain health complications. However, to make this work, you have to constantly check your blood sugar level to measure gradual improvements and know what works for you or not.

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