5 Good Foods That Have Gone Bad

There are foods that were initially flagged as good and healthy for consumption, but over the years some of these foods have been so degraded and stripped off their nutritional values, that they have fallen far off the healthy food radar. The sad thing about it all is that very few people are aware of this and most continue to eat and drink these unhealthy foods. This article will bring to light some of these foods and explain to you why they are not as healthy as they are cracked up to be.

1. Diet sodas

You may have a hard time believing this, but diet sodas are no more as healthy as they used to be. A study that was once conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center proved, that ‘diet sodas are making us fatter’ and other studies have also strongly indicated, that diet sodas are among the root causes of gas, acid influx and heart burns. It has also been pointed out a majority of the diet sodas out there, although labelled ‘sugar-free’, contain artificial sweeteners which cause weight gain and other complications.

2. Pizza

Sorry pizza lovers, but it is an indisputable fact that pizza has gone bad. The pizzas of old are not quite the same as pizzas getting served in fast food restaurants nowadays. In places like Italy, there are laws regulating the manner in which pizza is produced, but in most places elsewhere, such laws don’t exist and even if they do, they have been reduced to mere soft laws. This means most pizzas no longer contain fresh and healthy ingredients, but are filled with preservatives, high calorie, high fat and high sodium.

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3. Breakfast cereals

Most breakfast cereals have been reduced to ‘tiny, crunchy’ substances with little nutritional value and excessive sugar. When purchasing or consuming cereals it is best recommended to go for those, that contain high percentage of natural wheat, barley, rice or oats.

4. Fried chips

Potato chips are naturally good for a healthy living because of the presence of potassium, iron, magnesium and a host of other healthy vitamins. But all these vitamins are now being submerged in so much cooking oil, that by the time the chips come out, they are drained of all these vitamins and all that remains is unhealthy fat.

5. Sliced bread

Given that bread is a strong carb, ordinarily it should be an excellent choice for an energy providing breakfast. However, modern bread is processed with unhealthy flour, corn syrup and sugar, that render no healthy impact on your body and statistics show it to be one of the major components of obesity and diabetes in the US.

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