5 Habits Every Diabetic Must Give Up

5 Habits Every Diabetic Must Give UpYou need to live a precautionary lifestyle as a diabetic. You are to practice habits that only favors your health and promote your quality well-being. Diabetes management is much more than complying with prescribed medications and their dosages. It also entails making better lifestyle choices and eating right.

Your lifestyle goes a long way in determining your health status and the effectiveness of your diabetes management program. The below habits must be avoided for the benefit of a better health.

1. Consuming sugar-free foods and substitutes

Some foods are still not diabetic friendly despite the fact that they have no added sugar to it. This is because they contain other sugar substitutes that are carbohydrate rich thus they are still capable of increasing blood sugar levels. This does not necessarily amount to ruling out sugar entirely from your diet, as a small amount of sugar is still required in your diet. You need to only get rid of the unnecessary and unhealthy sugar and retain little of the healthy ones that, will not harm your health.
Some sugar substitutes make it impossible for you to efficiently and effectively control and manage your blood sugars. Sugar containing products such as drinks, beverages, snacks etc should be consumed less and if possible avoided totally. If you must consume them, you need to opt for those that are sugar-free.

2. Consuming canned red (tomato) sauce

Tomato paste is a key ingredient for many cooking, it is, therefore, good for you to learn and always try to make your tomato paste at home as against buying canned or bottled store-bought tomato paste for your cooking. This is because many processed and factory made tomato pastes contained added sugar to sweeten or thicken it.

3.  Consuming fruit products

Fruit leather, roll-ups, juice drinks and other sweetened fruit products are not in any way healthy substitutes to eating fresh and raw fruits. These fruit products contain sugar in some quantity and are unfavorable to diabetes management. Always make it a habit of eating raw and fresh fruits than buying sweetened fruit products.

4. Consuming artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners taste sweet but do not provide the body with calorie. So they end up confusing the body and increasing the probability of an individual taking more of calorie rich foods and drinks to meet up with the body’s cravings. It is advisable to consume water and other unsweetened beverages like plain ice tea when trying to satisfy your body’s craving for sugar or other sweetened products.

5. Consuming sweetened products

Sweets, chocolates, candy and other sweetened products kept at home to entertain visitors are hazardous to your health as a diabetic, when you consume them. You are therefore required to exercise self-control and keep away from such products as much as possible.


In other to live well with diabetes, you need to learn how to manage and reduce your sugar consumption. This is to prevent your blood sugar levels from spiking up giving rise to many more diabetes complications which can be debilitating to your health.

Image Courtesy by: webmd.com, drweil.com

18 thoughts on “5 Habits Every Diabetic Must Give Up”

  1. Hello, please state which type of diabetes. Also, a type 1 CAN eat sugary foods so long as they know the amount of carbohydrates to take their insulin. Please educate yourself before trying to educate others. And the photo is wrong.

    1. Pretty sure you’re the one who needs an education. Type 1 or type 2 or no diabetes at all, sugar is not good for you. The more you stays away from it the healthier you’ll be.

    2. Actually, it is extremely dangerous to eat sugary or carb heavy foods and then try to compensate with insulin. First, food labels are allowed to be around 20% inaccurate on their ingredient lists and nutrition information – and no one is checking them. More importantly, all carbs affect your body differently so consuming large amounts of carbohydrates leaves a huge margin for error when calculating insulin doses. Immediately, that can lead to low blood sugars. Also, carbs increase your glucose levels much faster than basal insulin can compensate for it so your body experiences a very high spike before dropping very low. A diet high in carbs causes constant extremes and vast swings in insulin levels. This causes stress on your organs and other systems and long term damage like heart attacks, strokes, neuropathy, etc. If you or your child are a type 1 diabetic, please educate yourself (before being sarcastic with others) and before you cause your child serious injury.

  2. The info in this article is incorrect. Plus, no diabetic would poke their thumb, let alone the very middle, to test their blood sugar. Obviously, a non diabetic wrote the article and the a non diabetic took the photo.

    1. The info in this article is incorrect. Plus, no diabetic would poke their thumb, let alone the very middle, to test their blood sugar. Obviously, a non diabetic wrote the article and the a non diabetic took the photo.

      1. Why not poke your thumb? It has the same blood as the rest of your fingers. And yes diabetics do poke their thumb, especially after their fingers are wore out. You’re an idiot.

      1. Why not the other fingers? I’m recently diagnosed type 2 and currently on insulin shots. Nobody has told me not to poke certain fingers.

    2. That is not true. I prick whatever finger is not sore at the time. I have virtually used every finger on both hands. Speak for yourself only.

  3. How much sugar and carbs can you have per day… type 2 diabetes
    I really don’t know what I can eat and
    I’m so frustrated.. I’m not best eater in general. Do I do keto? Plant based?

    1. Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and lean fresh meats are always healthy choices. Avoid processed foods as these usually contain added sugar and salt which should be avoided for many health reasons. Explore natural plant based sweeteners if you are absolutely unable to avoid sweets. We like monk fruit sweetener and stevia.
      We also avoid potato, bread, and pasta. We have found a type of noodle that is made from the konjac plant. Its free of sugar, gluten, starch, wheat, lactose, soy, salt, cholesterol, fat, and preservatives. “Skinny Pasta” (6 packs) we buy ours from amazon but I’m sure you could find them elsewhere. Hope this helps

    2. People who want to eat anything and be a slave to insulin will avoid this article,great reading .i eat this way and reverse diabetes.

  4. I have had type 2 diabetes for now 3 yrs. I’m not a pro at it but I have found out is to learn what your body and what it does when certain food spike your your blood sugar. That way you learn what not to eat. Diabetes is nothing to play with so eating right, exercise, and drink plenty of water.

  5. Am a type 2 diabetic have been over 25 years, I poke all my fingers, here lately my whole body is sore an I hurts my doctor just told me the reason I hurt is my sugar is out of control which is true, I was 325 this morning fasting, but by God’s grace am gonna get back on the right track, I just get depressed an I eat no excuse, am divorced for 2 years, just keep

  6. I’ve been type 1 for 40 years. I test all 10 fingers. Yes my thumbs. Your fingers get sore after a while so why not? I find it better to not “poke” the center, but again that is personal choice. And as long as I count carbs and sugars, I do pretty well. Good luck to y’all!

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