5 Healthy Doughnut Recipes


Talking about healthy doughnut recipes may sound a bit ironic, because doughnuts are probably among the first foods you are likely to be advised against when trying to lose weight. It is true that doughnuts have a lot of calories and are rich in unhealthy fats, due to the ingredients used, but then, who says you can’t make your own healthy doughnuts? What matters is the ingredients used in making the doughnuts, and i’ll be sharing some interesting recipes with you below:

1. High protein chocolate doughnuts

This recipe, loaded with fiber, is an easy one to make. Start by blending eggs, cashews, flour, protein powder, oats, and almond milk. Then bake your doughnuts for about 20 minutes, and while cooling them off, melt your chocolate. It is important to note that these doughnuts can be very tender, so you will have to be patient while taking them off the baking pan.

2. Cinnamon roll doughnut

These doughnuts taste and feel like cake, as they turn out light and fluffy. The protein serving in this recipe provides a nutrient boost and keeps the body energized for a long period. Check barerootgirl for the full recipe.

3. Paleo blueberry doughnuts

The benefits of blueberries in the body can’t be overemphasized. These doughnuts contain a lot of fiber that can keep you full and prevent frequent cravings, and they also add an extra boost of protein for improved energy. Full recipe here.

4.  Banana coconut and pecan baked doughnuts

These deliciously made doughnuts are a great option to have. With a bit of protein powder and a crushed pecan garnish, you should be sure of a well nourished snack.

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5. Chunky monkey doughnuts

With a combination of chocolate, banana, and peanut butter, nothing goes down better than chunky monkey doughnuts. Interestingly, they are very easy to make, whether you have a doughnut maker or not. Full recipe here

How else could you enjoy your fitness program, if not by snacking on these doughnuts and not missing out your favorites?

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