5 Healthy Gifts to Give to Your Father Next Christmas

Christmas bells are ringing, and the mood is getting elevated. The amount of shopping being done is at a high level and gifts are being expected. What to buy? This questions is on everyone’s mind. Most times when gifts are given, mothers are first in line.

To do something special for pops this year, depending on age, why not aim for a fitness fun Christmas gift. This is the period people gain on the pounds by the second and for your old man, being very healthy and fit is very essential. Here are some fitness fun gifts to give him this Christmas;

Spend time with him – Hiking

Fathers just want to spend time with their kids, and the best gift for them is to see them for Christmas. Why not purchase any other fun gifts you think they might like and a “stick”. The stick is for support for the hiking trip you both are going to take.

The more crowd the better. Take healthy hiking trips with your dad and enjoy the beautiful outdoors, good conversation and Christmas bonding. You are doing wonders for his health. Make it a point of duty to do enough hiking or walking around during the holidays. Give him the stick as a reminder of you being a support to him and for him when he walks alone.

Heated wearable blanket

Anyone would love this gift and for papa, it is just the best to help him stay warm during the cold Christmas period. The cold is a bad for his health and stay nuzzled up in heated blanket is everything. Adds to more remembrance memories.

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Grown up back pack

For those fathers that love to find all they need at their spot without forgetting where they placed or mom clearing “the pile” up. This gift is the perfect gift for dad this Christmas, not only will they be able to access all they need, they can carry it wherever they go. It could fit an office attire if they are not retired, or for family vacations, plus it is an exercising tool to help the back and shoulder.

Great Trainers

Getting him one of these is a sure way that he would get up and take a run every now and then. You can write this on the trainers; “These boots are made for running” and a smile emoticon.

Punching Gloves and punching bag

If going to the gym seems impossible, cool punching gloves and bag is not. They make anyone look cool, plus it is a good way unleash stress and works the arms with many more benefits.

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