5 Inspiring Breakfast Smoothies For Weight Loss


In need of breakfast smoothies to aid your weight loss goals? Smoothies are easy to make and are extremely healthy when they blend in the right kind of products. And much survey has proven that you don’t have to possess certain master culinary skills, in order to successfully make the perfect smoothie. More so, making a breakfast smoothie is not time consuming and can be prepared in a matter of minutes. If you are strictly on a weight loss diet, then check out some of the best breakfast smoothies you can indulge before dashing out of your house in the mornings.

1. Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Check out this simple to make smoothie – the perfect smoothie to take after a work out. The peanuts in this smoothie make it so protein rich and fibrous. This smoothie is really filling and packs a lot of energy in the morning. Enjoy!


  1. One and half banana
  2. One and half cup peanut butter (the crunchy variety)
  3. Three-quarter cup slim milk
  4. Five ice cubes
  5. One tablespoon whey protein powder

Blend them together until smooth and enjoy this delicious smoothie for breakfast on a day after workout.

2. Go Green Smoothie

With nutrients such as iron and beta carotene, this green smoothie will provided the detox you need whilst nourishing your body alongside. The smoothie is also high on fibre.


  1. Two cups spinach
  2. One and half cucumber
  3. One-quarter head of Celery
  4. A handful of mint leaves
  5. Two carrots
  6. Two apples
  7. One orange
  8. One-quarter lime
  9. One-quarter lemon
  10. One quarter pineapple
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Blend them together until smooth and enjoy a refreshing glass of this healthy smoothie.

3. Energy pack smoothie

The perfect smoothie to go take, first thing in the morning – it can make your day!


  1. Two tablespoons cocoa powder
  2. Two tablespoons peanut butter
  3. One banana
  4. One cup Greek
  5. Five ice cubes
  6. Cinnamon

Blend cocoa powder, peanut butter, banana and greek yoghurt along with ice cubes till smooth. Sprinkle cinnamon on top for flavor.

4. Vegan Smoothie

If you are looking to go the vegan way, here is an amazing option available. This smoothie is high on protein offering over 17g of protein


  1. One and half cup tofu
  2. One cup vanilla flavored soy milk
  3. One banana
  4. One and half tablespoon peanut butter

Blend everything until smooth and enjoy this as a tasty breakfast.

5. Banana Berry Smoothie

Check out this exciting smoothie, with variety of ingredients – the perfect treat for those who love berries. What more, this smoothie releases just around 251 calories of energy and is highly refreshing and tasty.


  1. One cup fresh berries (mixed)
  2. One and half banana
  3. One cup spinach
  4. One tablespoon coconut oil
  5. One-quarter spoon cayenne powder

Blend everything until smooth and enjoy this smoothie that comes with the freshness of berries and a dash of spice.


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