5 Known Benefits of Bananas on Your Health

Bananas are of great benefit to your health, probably way beyond what you might imagine. They possess numerous nutritional benefits and are very good at boosting your digestion and improving heart function. Some other benefits are outlined below.

1. They help to regulate blood sugar

There are several kinds of bananas that vary in taste, size and color, but for this article, we’ll focus particularly on the yellow kind of bananas. These bananas are highly rich in pectin, and additionally, unripe bananas are known to contain high levels of resistant starch. Thorough analysis of these two elements has indicated that their consumption plays a significant role in regulating your blood sugar levels.

2. Regulate blood pressure

Bananas are known to have one of the highest deposits of Potassium of any fruit out there. Potassium is very useful when it comes to regulating your blood pressure and helps the body to maintain a regular heartbeat and a proper balance of water.

3. Good source of energy

A normal-sized banana is said to contain about 145 calories. Bananas are considered by many professional athletes and coaches to be “a healthy source of natural energy”. Apart from this, bananas are also known for being very efficient at controlling weight gain and this is because its rich fiber content gives you a feeling of satisfaction and reduces your desire for more food.

4. Aid in digestion

Bananas are also highly helpful in the digestion process. They are rich in fiber which helps to ease bowel movement and reduce constipation and also help in relieving acidic influx in the stomach and prevent heart burn. Further studies have even pointed out that bananas coat the lining of your stomach, which in turn can reduce your risk of developing stomach ulcers.

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5. Strengthen your immune system

Finally, bananas play a big role in boosting your immune system and are said to help in preventing kidney cancer as well as protecting your eyes from macular degeneration. Further studies have also shown that the antioxidants in bananas help the immune system to repel free radicals and other harmful germs.

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