4 Methods To Boost Your Running Regime


Are you looking to boost your running regime? If yes, then be sure to find this article helpful. Whether you are trying to increase endurance and build stamina,you can follow training plans that build the duration of your long runs, and others that amend your speed-endurance. With simple changes, you run can faster and for longer, making your runs more. Read on to find out more on the five methods to boost your running regime:

1. Take short effective strides1

One of the best ways to improve efficiency during your runs is to avoid motion through the joint, which can lead to significant wear and tear. Shorter distances reduces the movement within any joint for running, and lesser movement means a healthier and longer life for your ankles, knees, and hips.

2. Run for time2

Another way to boost your running regime, is by covering the same distance in less time. Instead of running for five miles harder than you can safely run, try running for 30 minutes and see how much distance you can cover. Basically, the more you train, the easier your runs will become over time. You can either maintain the same intensity and run further in the same amount of time or cover the same distance with greater ease.

3. New shoes3

In order to get the most out of your running and avoid injuries in your shin and tendon, you must consider the kind of shoes you are wearing. Procure a new pair after 300-500 miles: anything more and the shoes start to lose its cushioning and stability, which is the last thing you want.

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4. Strength booster4

Strengthening key muscle groups needed for strong, fast, injury-free running is another way to amp up your running regime. Here are two exercises practiced by some of the best runners in the world:

The one-legged squat:
How to do:

  1. Stand on one leg and squat without your hips tilting or your knee turning in.
  2. This may be very shallow or further down, depending on your leg strength.
  3. Do two or three sets of 3-6 squats on each leg.

The finger-crusher:
How to do :

  1. Lie down with your feet flat on the floor and place your hands underneath the small of your back, palms on the floor.
  2. Engage your abdominal muscles and then press your lower back into the floor, crushing your fingers. Hold until you feel the burn!
  3. Repeat 3-4 times. To make it harder, lift one foot at a time a few inches off the floor.

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