5 Most Effective Cold Feet Exercises

5 Most Effective Cold Feet Exercises

Cold feet often occur because of poor circulation of blood to the distant or peripheral parts of the body. This can lead to an inadequate amount of oxygen in these cells, which might be an indication of an underlying medical problem. Peripheral vascular disease, PVD (a narrowing of arteries due to the buildup of fat and cholesterol on the artery walls), is likely a condition that may show symptoms of cold feet. Diabetes and other cardiovascular defects can also be a risk factor for having cold feet. You can relieve this symptom by engaging in these 5 effective cold feet exercises.

1. Clapping your feet on the floor

This simply involves you sitting on a chair or on the floor and clapping your feet on the ground. Alternate between clapping your feet quickly and clapping them slowly. It helps to relieve tension and also improves blood circulation to the feet.

2. Picking objects from the floor

Use your toes to pick up a pen or any object on the floor. It is a simple and effective way to get adequate circulation in the feet. Repeat this several times.

3. Skipping rope

This is probably one of the best things that you may have done in your childhood. Get your skipping rope out again, not just to revive memories, but also to enjoy its many benefits. Skipping rope helps to strengthen the muscles and blood vessels in the feet and also improves circulation in the feet.

4. Walk barefoot

Walking is one of the easiest exercises to do. Get up early in the morning and locate a patch of grass where you can walk. Take off your shoes and walk on the grass barefooted. Do this for about 5 to 7 minutes daily to help increase blood circulation to your feet.

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5. Foot massage

Get a foot massage everyday before going to bed. Warm a little olive oil and massage your feet with it. You can also make use of sesame oil. Apply pressure on your feet with your thumbs and put emphasis on the soles and ankles. Put on cotton socks after the massage and go to bed.

Don’t over exert your feet while you engage in these exercises to avoid causing more problems. Please consult health care provider for advise before performing these effective cold feet exercises.

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