5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor

One of the greatest things that could tear down your confidence is a bad body odor. It also goes on to prove that you are not taking good care of your health. WIth this said, one might begin to find out ways he can do away with that bad body odor. Well, search no more. This article is purposely put together to help you deal with bad body odor naturally.

Here are some of the best natural ways to deal with bad body odor.


1. Improve on your personal hygiene

Bacteria tend to feed on sweat produced by the sweat gland and this, as a result, is mainly what causes body odor. It is, therefore, very necessary to take your bath regularly. Use a gentle, plant oil based soap and lather up. The greater the amount of lather the more effective you remove the bacteria from the skin. One of the best soaps to use is antibiotic soaps. They help get rid of the bacteria faster and more effectively.

2. Try drying yourself up properly

This is very necessary for those whose area is prone to body odor areas such as the groin, armpits and around the nipples. Also, ensure that any area of skin folds such as under the breasts and abdomen are completely dry. By so doing, you reduce all possibilities of body odor occurring.

3. Wear fresh cotton clothes

Wear natural fiber clothing like cotton, silk or wool. Cotton clothing enables you to breathe very well which reduces the amount of sweat. Therefore, try wearing cotton clothes more often. This will help keep the skin healthy, dry and odor free.

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4. Avoid wearing closed footwear with socks for a long time

Closed footwear will lead to offensive odor from the feet, especially if you sweat a lot, as there is lack of aeration. This is especially true, if shoes are made of non-breathable materials. Aim to wear sandals or shoes, that are breathable which would help prevent odor on your foot.

5. Avoid bacterial breeding grounds

Bacteria love wet places. Therefore it is your responsibility to make sure you don’t provide them with their next habitat. Try shaving your armpit this would help reduce body odor. As well as cleaning inside of your shoes regularly. By so doing, it would prevent breeding of bacteria and would prevent body odor.


Dealing with body odor is not meant to be a full-time job. Go on with your life and just make sure you take care of your personal hygiene daily. That’s all it takes.

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