5 Negative Health Effects of Chronic Mobile Phone Usage

I know this may come as a shock to you, but always using your phone can cause unimaginable harm to your body. I do not dispute the fact that mobile phones have greatly improved our means of communication, but when its use becomes excessively unnecessary – then harm is inevitable. My aim in this article is to make you understand some of the impeding dangers chronic mobile phone usage can have on your health.

1. Potential Heart Complication

All mobile phones emit Radiofrequency (RF) which enables us to conveniently move around with them. The World Health Organisation have made us understand that our mobile phones emit “Radiofrequency fields a 1000 times greater than what is emitted from base stations”. Extensive research on this matter have suggested that these radiofrequency emissions can have adverse effects on your heart, young people have been particularly warned against chronic phones usage, as the fragile nature of their heart may render them easily susceptible to these complications.

2. Male Infertility

The radiation emitted from mobile can cause infertility, this complication only pertains to men, (as little studies have been made on women). An observatory research on a group of men indicated a significant decrease in the sperm count of men who had a record of persistent phone usage.

3. Danger of Accidents

Using a mobile phone while driving increases your risk of an accident by over 50%. The average human brain functions in a manner that it cannot evenly concentrate on two or more activities simultaneously. Statistics have indicated that a large percentage of traffic accidents are as a result of using mobile phones while driving – either on a call (both hands-free or handset-kit) or reading a text message.

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4. Reduced Glucose Level

Although there is no conclusive research establishing a definitive link between mobile phones usage and cancer, new studies have conclusively established that chronic phone usage can cause a reduction in the glucose level of the part of the brain that is close to the antenna of the mobile phone.

5. Eye Complications

Another negative health effect of chronic phone usage is probable eye complications. the mobile phones are designed to be as portable as possible, thereby making the screen as small as can be, as a result of this smallness, the text displayed are also considerably small while using; Studies have attested that continuously reading small-sized phrases can extremely strain the muscles in your eyes.  Apart from the size of the text, the glaring nature of the mobile screen can also give rise to long term eye related complications.

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