5 Reasons Your Gum Is Bleeding

Gum bleeding is one of the reasons why our teeth falls out. They are not normal situations and therefore when seen should be handled immediately. A gum disease is a contagious bacterial infection that can ruin the mouth.

When your teeth are not well taken care of they develop plaque, this plaque a bio-film of bacteria and unwanted products then goes on to irritate the gum tissue, then there’s the body reaction to an inflammation by producing blood, the longer this inflammation is not treated more problems arises, that may lead to other illness in the body. Bleeding gum is a symptom but a late one at that, either a middle level stage or a late stage. But there is hope, as this can be changed by having a healthy living lifestyle. Let’s face some hard tooth truths.

1. Poor oral hygiene

You have a poor oral hygiene. For the sake of this situation one should be committed to getting consistent proper oral hygiene. Professional cleaning will help once every week for a start, then think of buying automated brushes that will help massage gum gently that will stimulate blood flow and bring nutrients to the tissue and release toxins.

Also try water flossing or using the other method of going in between teeth to get rid of the bacteria in the corners. After eating brush your teeth, take oral probiotic mints.

2. Bad diet

Another reason is bad diet choices as they can contribute to the bad oral hygiene. A healthy diet with anti-inflammatory properties will help and also diet choices that help give people all the basic nutrients they need that will give one a healthy gum.

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Eat enough vegetables and fruits that are high in calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, magnesium supplements like fish oil etc. Foods that contain these are your best bet. Reduce your sugar consumption in tea or drinks and go for naturally made.

 3. Smoking

You are smoking and contributing to bad oral hygiene, this can lead to enlarged gums that can malnourished the gum and cause the bleeding. Bleeding can invade other parts of the body causing pandemonium by setting up inflammation and diseases in the body.

4. You’re stressed

Stress also plays a part in the gum bleeding situation as it can cause your immune system to not be able to protect the gum from inflammation disease. This causes inflammation in the blood vessels, breaking soft tissue and due to the high level of stress, it can’t fight to heal the gums.

5. You have a family history

If you family is prone to periodontal disease, you would have to fight more than the average person to have proper oral hygiene. Through DNA testing you can change a lot of things and the dentist can know how to deal with this situations in the mouth.

So go check your dentist when you see a repeated show of blood or better still don’t wait for that to happen. Simply go do a checkup and clear up any doubts. Other factors would be medications that interfere with the blood and saliva causing dryness in the mouth.

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