5 Reasons Why Vitamin A Is Really Good for Your Health

Vitamin A, just like other vitamins, is important for our body to function in the optimum manner. So we should know what is vitamin A good for and how much of Vitamin will be too much for our body.

Vitamin A exists in two forms, retinoids mostly found in animal products  and beta-carotene  from the plant sources. While there isn’t any upper limit on the latter, retinoid should not be consumed in excess, as it may have harmful effects on your body.

It is also important to note that taking vitamin pills, without any doctor’s consultation may not be good idea. Natural sources of vitamin A are better. We will discuss some of the natural sources which are rich in Vitamin A.

Vitamin A can help lowering the risk of cancer, strengthen immunity in children,  development of nervous system, improving vision and slowing the signs of aging.

1. Vitamin A can prevent cancer

The dreaded C-word can be kept at bay by, including foods rich in vitamin A in your diet.

Study shows that higher Vitamin A intake is linked to lower risk of skin cancer.  It is best to your vitamin intake from natural sources.

2. Vitamin A can help build immunity in children

Vitamin A has various benefits for improving children’s health.

Vitamin A deficiency in children increase their vulnerability to infections, like diarrhea, measles and could also lead to blindness.

3. Vitamin A help to perform bodily functions

Vitamin A plays a direct role in performing physiological functions and  helps in the development of the central nervous system.

It is also needed in the formation of sperm cells, regulation of hemoglobin production in the embryo, and also activating nuclear receptor TR 4, which is responsible for these functions.

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4. Vitamin A prevents signs of ageing

Vitamin A has antioxidants which not only prevent free radical damage but, also help in skin renewal.

The retinoid keeps lines and wrinkles away by producing more collagen which is responsible for keeping the skin looking young.

If you want healthy hair, make sure you have your vitamin A intake daily.

5. Vitamin A improves vision

Vitamin A not just improves your eyesight by helping it distinguish between light and dark, it also keeps various eye disorders at bay.

Many of these affect the elderly but a deficiency can cause the disorder to appear even in adulthood.

Night blindness, glaucoma, cataracts are a few eye problems which can be avoided with vitamin A.

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